Promoting Your Business

If you want to succeed in your side gig you should consider learning as much as you can about it and being ready to talk about it at any time and to anyone.

To do this you must

Know the features benefits and advantages

The features are what is the most appealing about your product. What is it that will make people want it? Will it be that it is it safe to use, that it is cheaper than others or that it has a long shelf life. What will make it appealing to people.

The benefits are how your product or service will meet the customer’s needs. What it will do for them that other services or products will not do or will di badly. Is it something that is useful and solves a problem? How it meets their needs and solves a problem for them at how or in the office. Is it useful, beautiful or solves a problem. The benefits are what will sell your product. Not just the way it looks. For instance you sell T-shirts in different colours but the advantage is that they are made from good quality cotton.

The advantages must show in what way it is better than the competitions. How can it help the customer have a better experience than the competition?

Tell People about It

You will not make money if you do not tell people about your product or service. And telling people, means advertising. Advertising does not always mean that you have to spend to promote your business. You can be creative by doing different things.

You can be creative and economical. Simply by changing your profile on social media as often as possible, updating the pinned tweet often or asking customers to mention you in their posts when they are using your product. Find a way to talk to your customers. The way you interact with the customer will help you as the customer will talk to other people about you by the way you behave. Build a personal relationship with customers. These same people get the word out.

Always keep in touch with customers and be telling them of new products or find out what they are thinking of getting in the near future.

Keep Communicating

A loyal client will come if they are reminded that you are still in business so do make an effort to communicate with them. Call them. Send them new product lists. Or simply ask how they are.

Keep communicating via social media, printing leaflets or just making an announcement on radio. Some TV and radio stations allow small businesses to advertise their business for very little money. Next time you are listening to the radio or watching TV look out for these opportunities.


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