Questions to Walinase Munthali, Civil Engineer.
Walinase Munthali

As a civil engineer planning, constructing, maintaining and improving structures as well as protecting the environmental and public health in Malawi

What are you most proud off doing the work you do?

I am proud to be part of a team in my country which is taking part in shaping of the country for the better, in terms of development. This is so, by helping the government in providing better roads for people, better structural facilities and improvement in the supply of safe water to all people.

What interests you about this job? 

I like the fact that you are not restricted to only work in an office or in the field only, it motivates me when doing my job, for I know am not only restricted to one place. The other reason is that am able to witness a structure or facility that was never there, for example to witness a building being designed and then built. After the project has been completed I am glad to say I was part of this, for something was never and it never existed before.

Describe a typical work week.

It ranges from carrying out design calculations and producing blue prints for new projects, carrying cost estimations for new projects, supervising ongoing projects, carrying out payment processes approval for contractors and managing the office.

What can you say to the young person not attracted to civil engineering?

Civil engineering is a profession which gives satisfaction to the people practicing it. For most people they feel it is a tough profession, in a sense that it is difficult, but I say NO! It is for people who are focused and are determined to helping the lives of others to get better i.e. for the community to have good roads, good schools and good water supply systems we need engineers. There is much to be done to achieve development in our communities; the work is plenty whilst the laborers are few. Join this chariot and help to make the lives of people in your country to improve for the better, for no one will leave their country to develop yours, but it starts with you. Join civil engineering and make a difference.

If you could relive the last 10 years of your life, what would you do differently?

I would have opened my construction company early and would have put more effort into it at a tender stage.


I am proud to be part of a team in my country which is taking part in shaping of the country for the better, in terms of development.


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