SME Sales and Marketing Consultant, Development Coach and Writer Susan Mwenda Mulongoti
Susan Mwenda Mulongoti

What made you decide to leave formal employment?

I always knew I would not work in formal employment for very long. I had given myself 5 years but just 3 years in, an opportunity presented itself. The company advertised for voluntary separation and I applied.

It was an easy decision because I hated my job and I was becoming a mum. The combination of factors was just perfect.

What where you expecting to happen?

Am not sure actually, It was more like diving into the deep end knowing very well am not an experienced swimmer. I was hoping for success but looking back it was weak hope.

What happened?

I opened a store in Lusaka but after just 18months it failed. I have tried many businesses, 11, to be exact but have finally found what am really good at.

Why did some things happen and others not?

I got a lot of customers but had no capacity to fulfil orders. Over time I have come to learn that sales and marketing are my strong points but financial management is something I had to work on.

I didn’t go very far with the store because of lack of knowledge.

If you got this comment “How can graduates raise chickens?” What would be your answer?

I would probably slap the person with a chicken…lol…ok no seriously. I would say I understand their limited thinking and I also used to think like that but one thing that makes me a success is I don’t care what others think. I know where am going and I don’t owe anyone an explanation.

What would you tell your teenage-self today?

Be yourself. That’s it. You are different. It’s not a problem that needs fixing; it’s a gift you are to give to the world. Also for Pete’s sake, take a moment to actually be happy.

Where would you like to be in your healthy 70’s?

Between my mansion, my vacation home, rolling in dough and working with empowerment charities.


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