3 Top Essentials for Getting on Twitter

If you are just getting started on twitter, you’re most likely grappling with the, who, what, when and how to tweet. Never fear, you are not alone-there are plenty of hatchlings like you out there.

The top 3 essentials are

Signing up

The beauty about twitter even though it does have some pretty important, powerful, rich and so ridiculously famous people it is free for all. No matter whom you are or what you do, you can join in the conversations. But first you must create your account.
When creating your account, you must remember that your username or your “handle,” is what the public uses to identify you. So, choose that handle or user name carefully and make it easy for people to recognize you and connect with you right away.

Speaking Tweet

As there is a character limit on twitter it behoves you to learn tweet speak. This way you will communicate effectively. A few simple things are do not use all your character limits, unless you do not want a re-tweet (because if you use all then other people will have to edit your long tweets). Yes, you can abbreviate but too much abbreviation means your tweet may get lost in abbreviation and be unreadable.

Also, beware the hash tag and do not go overboard- save it for relevant groups of conversations and for when you will actually need to tag.

Tweeting Sensibly

Take some time to decide what and why you want to put something out on Twitter-because even if Twitter is all about sharing content not all content needs to be shared. Sometimes it is better to make a short comment and start a discussion rather than off load tweet after tweet of content from elsewhere. People on twitter know where to get their news and are looking for engagement from followers.

Re-tweeting unverified content is NEVER a good idea anyway. Do you remember the whispering game you played as a child? In this game you were allowed one chance to listen to the message and then pass it on. By the time it got back to the source it was completely distorted-an important early childhood lesson that most people seem to have forgotten (that is fact checking is important)! So try to be a helpful source of information and not a childish game of whispers!

And if you want people to engage with you then give them content that makes them want to engage with you. Content that will speak to who you are and what you are about.

Also remember no one knows you better than you-so do you!


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