Things You Should Keep Doing

The business or your new job may be going well but don’t become complacent, always be working on your next assignment or business idea. Some things you can keep doing are

Keep Exploring

Keep learning new stuff and keep your creative side in gear while focusing on the job or the business. When you are open to other ideas you will find it easier to pivot or solve problems down the road.

Explore how and where you can learn new stuff about your job or business or simply learn another craft. Learn how to project manage, how to write a business plan or how to write good ad copy. Or a pitch letter to an investor. Keep exploring and be ready to mine the resources around you for ideas.

Keep Updating

You may not have added a new skill or bought the latest product or service but you have been learning new things. Put those experiences down or tell your customers about them. Update your stock or your CV and tell others about it. However, don’t be dishonest or over sell your capabilities—people talk, and word spreads about who’s great to work with, and who’s not. Whose product does what it says on the label on whose doesn’t.

Keep Listening

Some people like to talk just for the sake of talking while some do have something of value to say. Listen and don’t ever hate someone for the feedback they give you. No person at work or in business is liked by everyone. Many customers or even bosses will have a different opinion of your work, and there’s value in that.

Accept what opinions you believe are valid, pick out the recurring issues and address them. You can also reject entirely the things that your gut tells you to.

Keep being gracious

Sometimes you lose a deal or a promotion to someone else, keep being nice to the other person. Don’t be spiteful about another’s success. The success of another doesn’t infringe on yours so celebrate it. People notice this and remember when the time comes.

Success is possible if you keep at it and keep working as many angles as you can. The speed at which it comes is never guaranteed but it is possible. And don’t forget to get out once in a while and enjoy your successes.


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