10 Quick Things about the Moringa Plant

The moringa plant (moringa oleifera) is a tree that is found in, Africa, Asia and South America and if you have been paying attention to your health or wellness the chance is you have heard of it.  The 10 really quick things about this plant are 

1.      It is has become a trendy superfood even though it has actually been around for hundreds of years and used as cattle fodder.

2.     It is considered a blessing in combating malnutrition in the underprivileged regions of the world- it was named the “miracle tree”.

3.     It goes by a variety of names, such as drumstick tree, horseradish tree or ben oil tree.

4.     It is used in cookery in various ways- the leaves are added to salads and are also used in the preparation of sauces and soups. Young seed pods are used in various Indian dishes.

5.     It is said to have anti-inflammatory properties effective in the treatment of painful conditions such as arthritis.

6.     It is considered as an effective herbal alternative to a number of commercially available antacids and antihistamines.

7.     It helps in the fight against obesity thanks to its low-fat properties and the fact that it helps aid digestion.

8.     It has antimicrobial properties, and is effective against the growth of disease-causing microbes.

9.     It is advisable that the use of Moringa for therapeutic relief should only be considered after consultation with a medical professional.

10.  Even though the ethanol extract of Moringa leaves appears to be really promising as analgesic and arthritis medication, larger and more detailed studies especially in people have been highly recommended.



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