3 Important Website Functions

Your website is not just an online shop front. You need to strategically use it to accomplish your overall business goals. To do this, it must perform 3 important functions. And they are

It Must Provide Content

The content allows you to communicate with the customers you already have and also help get new prospects. So make sure your content shows what you want to be known for, what problems you’re solving, and what sets you apart from others. And as you create content around your product or service, relate your personal story of struggle and success. People like to know what you have gone through, what you have overcome, what you have learned along the way and how you have succeeded.

Sharing content and showing how you overcame a problem and why you are offering what you are offering will help your audience to see that they too, can successfully solve a similar problem. Ideally, after using your product or service.

It Must Get You Something Back

When people come to your website do not let them just go through your content. Develop a two way relationship with them. That is, make sure that as they consume your content they also give you something back. Like subscribing to your posts, following you, liking and sharing your posts on their social media handles.

Sometimes, you may have to offer a free sample or create a piece of content that you will give away for free in exchange for one or more of the above. The idea is to have a two-way relationship. And to have a step-by-step process that will move visitors from point A to B to C. Ultimately going from visitor, to subscriber to customer.

It Must Make You Money

Your website must allow people to take a series of steps that will prompt them to further engage with you by purchasing your products or services. So invite visitors to access a link to your products and make sure that they have an option to make a purchase.

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