3 Must do when using social media For Your Hustle

Your hustle is your baby. And like a baby it must be nurtured. The more you care for it and steer it in the right direction, the more chances you have of it succeeding.

Social media is a tricky place and can make or break your hustle. So

Know the platforms

There are so many platforms out there but it is in your best interest to get an overview of the social media platforms that are available to you. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and others have changed so much since their inceptions so take the time to learn the way things work, presently. And ultimately the way they can work will work for your hustle.

The more you know the more chances you have of better navigating your way through the many platforms. And the more confidence you will have to make moves, to execute, and to succeed. If you go in blind, you will begin to get frustrated and think that you are wasting your time and money.

So, first, get to know the way things work so your hustle will end up in the right place with the maximum amount of exposure.

Separate the Personal from the Hustle

Take your hustle seriously. If you want it to make an impact on social media, be serious. Being serious means separating your personal from the professional. Make it clear that your hustle is your working life and that when you are on it is all about the hustle.

This does not mean you cannot inject some personality in it. It just means that when people go to your hustle handle or your personal handle they know where they are. And what to expect, be it stuff about what you do or stuff that you are up to in your spare time. Basically, don’t mix business with pleasure.

Separating may also require you to open a different handle for your business or to have a website. Have some demarcation between the business social media handle and the personal handle. This way people will see that the hustle really matters to you and what it means to you. Then begin to refine the way you communicate when you are on your business handle.

Find a unique and recognizable voice that you will use when engaging the world and building business relationships. Find your hustle voice and use it as much as possible so that over time it is associated with your hustle. This will be your identity capital.

Choose Good People

You need to have a set of people you can really count on, that you can go to for advice, for second or third opinions. People with the same values. Surrounding yourself with good people is very critical to success.

Think about all the bad stories about people that have been swindled out of their money or have made bad business decisions, this is usually because they have the wrong people around them. So, surround yourself with great people.

You have done your homework on the social networks and decided which platforms are right for your personal and which are right for your hustle. Now, join the community online. Surround yourself with great people.


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