Some Tips To Keep You Going

To keep going get into the habit of getting tips from people who have been there and done that. Find out what inspired their hustle, how they go about making things work for them, why they make certain decisions and so on.

For now here are a few tips to get you going

Be Excited

Be excited about how far you have moved. How many more items you can add to the list of things you are offering and how many people are enquiring about your business. There may be days when the numbers don’t add up but keep going. Run your own race. Don’t worry about how fast someone else is growing, how much they are making, how many followers they have and so on.

Keep your eyes on your hustle and concentrate on it. Make it meaningful to you because in the end the enthusiasm you have or do not have will affect your hustle.

Read Or Follow

Read about people that have done the same thing. Follow people and read their posts. Find people that are doing business and try to get as much from them.

Also read outside what you are doing as and try to see what makes their type of business tick. As long as you find the different voices appealing it will help and push you on in your type of hustle.

Where possible contact people and ask for advice. Develop friendships and do not be isolated. Hustling can be solitary and sometimes lonesome work, but it’s so important to have people there who get it and what you are going through.

Learn to Let Go

Sometimes there are aspects of the hustle that are taking too much of your time, of your money and your mental health. So you need to learn to let some projects go. Let go of old drafts that aren’t going anywhere, or scenes that don’t work. Don’t spend months tweaking a fundamentally flawed project when you can move on to the wonderful new projects that are cooking in your head.

The ‘you must start what you finish’ attitude—although admirable—can actually be a pitfall, because it prevents you from taking a necessary course correction when you need it.
Putting something on hold is not a bad thing. You can always pick it up again later. In its entirety or parts of it.

Don’t get discouraged

Don’t give up and don’t lose your belief that you have a business worth pursuing. So many people get discouraged by other people that tell them that they do not have the qualities needed to make things work. People who succeed do not listen to the naysayers.

Keep working on the business model you have. Keep on going and eventually you will succeed. The business may not end up what you though it would be but, it will be if you keep tweaking it and moving forward. Keep going.

Some days maybe slower than others but keep going.


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