Some Every Day Dos and Don’ts

Life happens and there will be many ups and downs. And if life will be life, it will make you think that there are more ups than downs. This thought will probably stop you in your tracks in fear but, overcome this fear. Face life. It is vital for your successes.

To do so


Think you can do it.

You can’t. Believe me, you can’t. You might have the best results from your university, the best business idea and the most incredible potential lying dormant inside you, but when you start out, you won’t have the skills to make it happen. Therefore you will fail. Not immediately, but soon enough.

This is okay because all of us are not born knowing how to do it. We live and learn.


Be proud of starting at the bottom.

Starting at the beginning and learning your craft means that there will be very little to slip you up later on. If you do happen to get a job that slots you in the middle somewhere. Take yourself down to the bottom and try to learn as much as possible form there too.

Yes, it means talking to people below your rank, with a smaller business or the cleaning staff. If you don’t, you will miss out on a lot of important information about the work place, the culture and the way things really work on the ground. This will be true in whatever field you are venturing in.

Remember also so many things can be self-taught. They do not need someone to hold your hand and walk you through them. Find out things for yourself and by yourself. It really is worth the effort.


Get Complacent

Once you get the hang of things, don’t start getting comfortable. Work like you did the first day on the job. Have that zeal and the ‘fear’ you came with when you first arrived.

Basically, don’t make the mistake of getting to the top and forgetting what a steep climb it was. It’s easy to get into the daily routine and feel comfortable. And becoming the know it all. The know it all that will make promises and give deadlines that end up not being met. Then leaping into defense mode by pointing to how ‘’busy’’ you are.

You are not busy. You are complacent. Keep the same energy.


Believe in yourself

Even when you don’t feel it believe it; complete your daily tasks and try to enjoy the process. Drop whatever is bothering you and live in the moment. Focus on putting one step in front of the other, one little project after another.

True there will be many occasions when you feel over looked, unfairly treated or cheated out of a deal but keep going. So many people stop or quit just before they hit the jackpot. Don’t let that be you. Remember though that the enormous wins are an exception.

Be happy with what you make above and beyond what you made the day, week, month or years before.


Overly blame

Don’t blame yourself. Yes, things went wrong but after having a word with you, move on. You are not the first or the last person to make g a mistake, to miss a good deal or overlook a potential pitfall. They’re many people out there feeling like idiots for not getting something right. You are not the first and you are not the last.

Don’t blame others. Blaming the currency exchanges, the weather, the driver, the maid, the bus driver and everyone else about the state of your business or work is normal. For a few minutes. Then you must get real and analyze what really went wrong.


Dream a little less big

Being a big player is very tempting. Wanting a brick and mortar outlet, an office space in a fancy mall or buying a fleet of cars all at one doesn’t necessarily mean you will succeed. These traditional outward showings of doing things are not the only way for you to be a player in the market. And will not guarantee that you will be a good one.

These days, there so many platforms you can be on and so many pop up events you can attend. Simply be on time, keep your word and deliver what you promised. These are the small things that are a big deal at the end of the day.

Focus on doing your best, remain level-headed and always check in on why you started what you are doing in the first place.


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