4 Smart Things to Do Every Work Day

Every day comes with its challenges and triumphs and some things occur the way they do because of habits that can either boost or hold back your progress in life. (Habits are routine behaviors done on a regular basis repeatedly). The 4 simple things to instill into your daily work routine are

Waking up early

And when you do get out of bed, take in a big breath of air and after several seconds; let it slowly out. Repeat for about 5 minutes; don’t rush off to do something. The whole point of waking up early is to take advantage of the morning hours to mentally prepare for the day ahead. They are not just so you get to use the bathroom first.

Use the early morning hours for quiet reflection and if your house hold is a busy one in the mornings wake up before everyone else does (aim to be 2 hours earlier).

Eating breakfast

The meal is described in the word breakfast; and it is breaking a fast.  After hours of sleep and no food your body needs it. It is the very first meal of the day so if you’re rushing out the door every morning with barely any time to spare, you might want to consider packing something the night before to pick up as you rush off.

Experts do caution that it is not a silver bullet and will not fix everything but eating breakfast and improving breakfast choices is one of the steps that are necessary for adopting a healthier lifestyle. 

Having a day’s goal  

While having a multitude of things to tackle each day makes the day goal a futile thing; it is actually very important to have a daily goal. By focusing on the one-file or one-client or one-day-at-time, short-term scenario you will not end up doing unnecessary things or being reeled into do other people’s programs.

Your daily goal will help you stay focused and motivated. And it will ensure you make valuable use of your time.

Drinking some lemon water

First thing in the morning instead of or before tea or coffee drink lemon water because lemons have high potassium content that stimulate brain and nerve function. Lemon juice also helps control blood pressure, fights colds and is a great detoxifier.

Water generally helps to keep your body temperature normal, it also lubricates and cushions your joints, and it protects your organs and tissues and gets rid of waste through sweating, urinating and bowel movements.

Drink water throughout your day; if you do not drink water your body will tell you by the dryness in the mouth, a headache, dizziness and fatigue.



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