4 Words That Describe Young People Today

Financial stability for many people was and probably still is about being able to eat, sleep, a decent roof over the head and supporting a family as effortlessly as possible. However, that’s not the situation that most young people find they are in today. What with no jobs, high rentals, almost no prospects for owning a home before 30 and worries about soon to retire parents and guardians there seems to be much more to worry about nowadays.

With the constant drone of…”the problem with young people today” here are 4 words that describe young people today:

1. Hustle
Young people have been quickly learning to not panic about not having the job they trained for and embracing the side-hustle culture. The “if life throws you a lemon, make lemonade” mentality is very apparent and admirable.
Also young people are less and less concerned about being defined and feeling fulfilled in the work space they are in. One could say it is because they’ve barely started working but really for most of them it is because they have big goals. And are not shy about them, hence the great goal posts one sees these days on many a profile page.

2. Understand
The sense that people have the potential to be, that people are responsible for fulfilling the needs in their own lives and that “please help me” is not a dirty phrase. It is a clear indication that they understand the environment.
Young people today are very vocal about what they want, how they want it and how soon it should happen.

3. Adapt
As they have understood social media they are less and less experiencing life crises from single sources. They have a plethora of sources and seem to navigate from one to the other like a duck takes to water. Leaving the “older” generation floundering and wandering where the party went?
As they are early adapters they are also early to come up with solutions and the solutions they put forward almost always make sense!

4. Share
With the click of a button content is being shared across various social media platform; blog-posts, educational videos, books and where to get stuff is shared for other people to see as well.
Content is forwarded to others who may enjoy it via their own social media handles and this is really helpful if you are selling something and have very few social media followers.
Young people are good at sharing and know where to get the most eye-balls for their time!


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