21 Shrewd Money Moves to Make Daily

Every small move you make with your money will matter. Here are 21

1. Audit your cell phone costs. Look out for those small daily deductions and unsubscribe from any unneeded services.
2. Buy second hand clothes. Do not forget you used to buy good second hand clothes; there is no reason for you to stop now!
3. Choose building and repair contractors wisely. Check if they have successfully performed work for people you know. Always write things down and never make full payment until satisfactory completion of the work.
4. Do not gamble. Just watch sports and especially soccer without placing a bet!
5. Down grade your TV subscription. You will be surprised that nothing much will change in your viewing pleasure and at the money saved monthly.
6. Go out fewer times each month for a take away and drinks.
7. Have a loose change jar at home and put all the change from your bag and pocket in it every time you get home. Those coins will add up.
8. Have a short-term money goal. You will save more successfully when you have a target in sight.
9. Join a banking group that is investment orientated and regularly invites specialists to give the group talks on business opportunities.
10. Lookout for sales at grocery stores near you.
11. Occasionally tweak your budget; collect and review receipts at the end of the month to see where your money went and then make the necessary changes in your budget.
12. Open a savings account. And remember to leave that account well alone.
13. Send messages rather than phoning people. Cell phone charges creep up every quarter and are a drain on the pocket.
14. Service your car/s and check that tires are inflated to their proper pressure.
15. Switch to cooking on a gas stove to buffer you from future increases in electricity tariffs (and load shedding).
16. Think before you build; don’t pay for space you will never use or that will become expensive to maintain (and remember the kids will be gone sooner than you think).
17. Use only the ATMs of your bank. Using the ATM of another bank does cost you more for every withdrawal.
18. Walk if you can to appointments that are in a walking radius to save on fuel (and for your own well-being and the environment).
19. Watch your spending. For expensive purchase keep them on hold for at least 24 hours. This will mean you have far fewer regrets about impulse buys as you gave yourself time to think about the purchase.
20. Wisely buy clothes (new or second hand) by checking them for quality as well as price.
21. Your bank is a source of many saving tools and is not just for receiving your salary. Make it a habit when you go in to pick up leaflets or to speak to customer service for new saving opportunities.


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