5 Things People that are Insecure at Work Tend to Do

People who are insecure at work tend also to be unhappy and these 5 things may not be as near as the s***hole comment by President Donald Trump but are unsavory nonetheless. Insecure people at work

  1.  Like to moan

Letting go quickly of negative experiences is not in their nature. Instead, they fixate on the past, recreate and prolong the negative emotions; lamenting about what failed and what should have happened differently. Months after an unfortunate incident they will be quick to bring it up again and will recant at length about it.

They want you to join in so that they can feel better about themselves.

  1. Like to embellish

The truth is a foreign country to them and they like to lie; to their friends, colleagues, family etc. because they do not want to be seen as fallible.  Rather than tell the truth about why they failed to do or to accomplish something they will add on to a story or remove bits that do not suit them.

They expect you to believe the lies.

  1. Like to compare

This is usually after you tell them of some success you have had and instead of congratulating you on your success they will be quick to boast about something that they’ve done and how well they have done it. Being who they are they always feel the need to compare themselves to others and will always take the opportunity to let other people know.

Your success is not something they want to talk about.

  1. Like to “disparage”

Other people are always in their sights for belittling, mocking, ridiculing, sneering at, deriding and pouring scorn on. So arrogant and full of themselves are they that they will, for instance, take things without asking and when asked to return the items they will make you feel as though you are in the wrong for asking for your own property back.

You will be mocked for asking for your own property and made to feel as though you are the one who is mean-spirted.

  1. Like to gossip

And will tweet or start the conversation when they meet you with, “Have you heard?” And you will get their version of an incidence.

The insecure person’s sense of pleasure and satisfaction is derived from airing other people’s tragedies or miss steps and you will be given the low down whether you want to hear it or not.

You can avoid getting drawn in only by walking away as quickly as possible or by blocking them.


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