Old Rules to Remember Every New Year

These are a few old rules to remember from January to December

Wake up Early

Wake up early and make the most of your early morning hours because they are the important 20 percent of your day when it comes to productivity. Yes, use the 80/20 rule so that by the end of the day you will have spent 20 percent of your time and effort achieving 80 percent of what you need to get done.

Get the most important projects off your plate first thing in the morning if possible and free yourself to take it slower in the afternoon to tackle the remaining and probably mundane things of your day.

Have Daily Goals

At the end of every day set goals for the next day because you must know what you are working towards before you decide to start working. Once you know what to do for the day do it and do not let yourself be distracted. Focus and avoid all the daily distractions on social media and unplanned personal interruptions.

Everyone may want a piece of your time but not everyone is entitled to it. Spend your time wisely in the short-term and you will achieve a lot in the long term.

Make a Plan

Having a plan is very crucial to whatever it is that you want out of your life. Besides having dreams to help you get where you want to be; a detailed long term plan is a must. Without a plan, you plan to fail.

The plan may not all come together and you might have to make changes along the way but you will eventually reach your goal (if you do not give up).

Stay Organized

When your work or home area is disorganized it is very hard to stay focused and it is a recipe for disaster. Whether it is old packaging, newspapers on and around your desk, plastic bags and bottles in your car or the many, many electronic files that fill your screen nothing is more distracting than a messy environment.

Clear the messes around and you will see how much you will gain by having a clutter free zone. And just as you have taken the time to clean and organize your home and your office spaces do the same when you are in communal areas; do not be a litter bug.



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