Work Place Tidiness, 3 Reasons to prioritize it

Tidiness means that you will


Piles and piles of old magazines, newspapers, product samples, and flyers gathering dust and cluttering up the place certainly do not give the impression that you would like to give. This does not say you are busy, have got lots of stuff pending or that it is a testament of your capabilities. It probably gives the impression that you are disorganized, lost, stressed and floundering under the weight of all the stuff around you and it may well obscure your capabilities. Throw something out.

Throw out any old stuff that is not useful anymore or pack it and put the box out of sight. Go through the stuff you have around you and ask yourself if the item has any purpose, why you are keeping it and if it is still relevant.

The only stuff you should have in sight and near you is what you need immediately. So, declutter and make room for the future.

Eliminate or Reduce accidents

When the work place is untidy and there is a lot of disorganization the chances of accidents are far greater. Imagine spillages that are unchecked, hazardous materials in open places and not locked away, piles and piles of old furniture crammed under stairs, before exits and behind door ways. This kind of setup says no one is in charge, no one cares and that the whole place is crying out for an accident to happen; for someone to slip, trip, fall or much worse for a fire to start.

Even if you do most of your work out doors, in a warehouse, shop, in the back of a van or on your settee; keeping the area you use, clean, tidy and safe is equally important.

Neutralize Smells

Open pits in the back of the office filled with waste, overflowing bins, plumbing that does not work and unchecked spillages and leaks will ensure that the air around you is less than fresh. The foul smell upon foul smell is not only a distraction for everyone but it will repel customers. No matter how good you are at your job the acrid smelling environment will weigh in on whether you do or you do not have repeat customers.

Even when you have a spectacularly clean and sparkly show room if the toilet at the premises (used by you and your staff and the occasional desperate client) is blocked and smelling this will override any cleanliness elsewhere and certainly be remembered.

Building good business relationships also means having the kind of premises that make people feel comfortable enough to do business with you.


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