The Easy Office Space Makeover

A bland characterless space can be said about many an office space but don’t let this be said about yours. With a few inexpensive changes done well you will make your place look awesome and the makeover might even improve your productivity and mood.

  1. Tidy Up

Arrange your space in such a way that you do not waste time looking for things, have to step over, fish around for or trip over. Keep the things on your desk to a minimum with only the things that you use constantly; phone, computer, and the latest paper work.

Extra pens, paper clips, staples and stapler can be strategically placed in a top drawer or a shelf right behind you. Finished work and any other papers should be put away in a cabinet or on a book shelf.

Anything more on your desk will just clutter it and be a distraction to yourself and those coming in to see you.

  1. Change the Decor

Besides hanging the usual licenses, degrees and diplomas on the wall enlarge your company logo, your company’s best seller or art from a local artisan. Hanging framed choice items will create a polished and well thought out look to compliment your licenses.

You do not always have to repaint or buy fancy furniture to make it look smarter. Just keeping what you have clean and stain free will do.

To elevate the room even more use plants or flowers (once in a while) and give the room a chic and calming effect.

  1. Evict the Idler

Most times and in some cultures people will not be rude to an unannounced visitor or an office mate dropping in for a chat. They will try to give them some of their time but truth be told sometimes the person occupying the chair in the office that has nothing to contribute to your work is just a distraction and possibly an eye sore.

Politely show the idler the door as soon as possible and concentrate your energies on the important. And that is drumming up more business.

Anyone that comes through the door and has nothing to contribute to your success is a liability.


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