Zambian Business Development Consultant Benson Muchelemba

I don’t have any noble reason why I started MB Consulting Limited. It could be because the first job I had exposed me to a consulting environment and I thought I could thrive in the same. However, over the last 7 years of running the business full time, I have found my mission which is “To help people succeed in business”

My focus is to help clients to critically think about their business, what they want to achieve and how best to achieve this. Strategic thinking is crucial to anyone attaining lasting success in business and this is what I help my clients to do.

I am also involved in sourcing funding for businesses that need to expand, or to take advantage of other opportunities they have spotted.

A management consultant should tell you the “TRUTH” about your business. Reality is that very few of us can see flaws in our business/ idea, a great consultant should help their client realize that we live in a dynamic environment. As an entrepreneur builds their business/ idea, they need to factor in competition, alternate products, technology, people, the overall business and political environment and any other external factors that could positively or negatively impact their business.

A great consultant should help you be better prepared for the realities of business and this could enhance the likelihood of success.

When you are starting your business, or if you have already started it, right now.  You don’t necessarily have to have a consultant but it’s advisable to have a qualified independent third party to look at your business that could play the role of your coach and help the entrepreneur to succeed.

Unfortunately, a number of entrepreneurs only want to hire a consultant when their business is dead or dying and at this stage, it is either too late for the consultant to assist, or it would take a lot of time and money for the consultant to be of assistance.

To the start-up or young entrepreneurs; being patient is paramount. Businesses that last and are successful were not built overnight. Opportunities to cut corners and make money fast are there, however, such usually have disastrous endings. Be persistent; don’t be desperate, say no to deals that don’t make sense. People will respect you for it.

No matter how bad things may get, don’t give up. Success usually comes after things are at their worst and those that quit end up regretting the rest of their lives.

A management consultant should tell you the “TRUTH” about your business.


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