If You Want to Buy a Car Read This First

Everybody wants their transport ordeals to stop and almost everyone has a dream car but before you get your dream or any type of car know this

Not All Cars Are The Same

Cars come in different sizes and price ranges and it is good to do some research before you hand over any money and become an owner. First, know what you will be using the car for. Will you be using it to go back and forth to work (consider the state of the roads to and from your work place), will you be picking up and dropping off family   (make sure it is seat belt ready) or will you be carrying cargo (check the maximum weight it can carry).

Besides knowing what you will use your car for try to find out about different models and get to know how frequently car models go wrong and how much they cost to repair. A good way is to find someone with the same car as the one you want and ask them how dependable it is and how much it costs (accurately or roughly) to maintain it.

Hopefully the person you ask will be honest but you can always get several other opinions.

The Buying Is Just The Beginning

Yes you have put together all the money to buy the car either through saving, a loan, help from a parent or your partner but the cost of buying is just the beginning as all cars come with added costs that you will have to get used to (or worry about). Hopefully some of them not too soon; like servicing and a breakdown if you did an inspection before purchasing. However, expect to pay road tax, fuel, tire, fitness and the very important insurance bill.

The choice of the insurance is very important and will help you when the time comes (if at all). The premium will take into consideration the price, safety features, security features and maybe even your age and driving experience. Also there is a thing called an excess (this is the amount you the driver will have to contribute to repairs in the event of a claim) so make sure that the amount is one you can afford if you have to pay out. More important get the right insurance cover and pay the premiums.

Once in a while check for devaluation and adjust the cover accordingly to avoid disappointments.

Owning A Car Tends To Change Your Lifestyle

We have seen the glamourous advertisements on cars but we all know that ‘real life’ is not an advert and even though you will be getting from point A to point B much quicker and you will feel liberated and independent there is nothing  glamourous about being an impromptu chauffer for your friends and colleagues or the ‘family crisis’ driver. If you are one of those people that cannot bring yourself to say no just think about the money you will pay to the mechanic on your car’s next service, for a new tire, for the filling station pump and lubricant prices and the cost of a break down service.

Have a good think and set your boundaries; ones you are comfortable with and can afford.

 BTW: Do remember to be courteous on the road and to keep your city clean.


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