5 Tips for Beginning the Entrepreneur’s Journey

  1. Listen to the Voice in you

When you want to start something on the side or full time it is a very confusing and a lonely time. No one is really listening to you and is as enthused as you. The indifference and lack of bells and whistles can be very hard and it can be very scary. Many people give up and go back to regular employment. Do not let yourself be that person. Keep going and take this moment to learn things, test things, get things wrong, get things right while no one is paying you attention.

Listen to the voice inside you and begin your journey. Eventually people will start paying attention and begin to see who you are, what you do and that you are making money.

  1. Listen to Your Core Audience

They are the people whose problem you have a solution for so speak to them. Listen to them because they are telling you what they want and resist the urge to be defensive. Use this opportunity to make your idea stronger and to address their pain point better.

Listen to your core audience and find out if the approach you are planning on is the right one or there is something that you have over looked. Find out as early as possible whether your idea will address their pain points. And be patient.

  1. Pay Attention to Others

There are very few original ideas out there. Very many of them are repurposed and marketed differently so pay attention to what is going on around you and learn from it. Being an entrepreneur is really about entering new or established markets in a unique way.

When you pay attention to what is going on around you it is likely that you will spot a different need, want, problem or challenge. This is the moment you step in and grab the opportunity to start or make your business better.

  1. Use Your Online Community

It takes a village to raise a child supposedly means it takes an entire community of different people interacting with children in order for the children to grow. Use the same adage for your fledgling business in order for it to grow. Let your online community help you raise your business. Interact online and grow your business.

Your online community is a necessity for you to grow your business. Collect contact numbers, emails and other information that will help your business go forward.  

  1. Stay in Your Regular Job

At the onset and for several years to come you cannot afford to quit. The pay check coming in is something that you will need for a long time to come and cannot easily be replaced. And your regular job probably offers a benefit package and you need this. Make sure you have a good idea about this package but you do not want to raise a red flag by asking too many questions about what happens with this package after you terminate employment. Carefully review your options if you can get the correct information and only quit when you are sure that things will work out better for you.

In the meantime, work hard at what you are employed to do and give your employer the time you are getting paid for. In the case that your company has to make laying-off decisions they will keep the most productive employees so make sure that you are one of the


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