8 Things about Breakfast

Chakudya, colazione, desayuno, fruhstuck, kahvalti, ontbijt, pequeno almoco, and 早餐 (zǎocān) are breakfast; in several languages (eight).

The 8 things about the first meal taken after rising from a night’s sleep are

  1. In Africa it keeps you going for hours

Even though breakfast in Africa varies from region to region various cuisines of Africa use a combination of locally available fruits, vegetables, cereal grains and meat products. And it is often full of fiber and protein and also has milk and all its by-products to keep you going for hours.  And…

  1. “Tea” is always included

This is because in Africa tea is the all-encompassing word for the hot beverage of your choice. It does not matter if it is capu cino, chai, coffee, hot chocolate, green tea or sugared water; it is tea.

  1. In Europe it was held in low esteem once

At one time breakfast was practically nonexistent and was not always considered a necessary and important meal. Only two meals were eaten per day and breakfast was not one of them unless you were a child, old or sick.

  1. Manual work demanded it beef up

When working hours became a set thing and worker’s realized they needed a great deal of energy to sustain them through the very hard day breakfast became a regular and rather beefed up meal.

  1. These days people think nothing of skipping it

Many people skip breakfast and teenagers seem to be the main culprits as more times than not they are busy with homework. Inevitably they rush out without eating. This does have an effect on performance as many studies show that those who eat breakfast function better, have better concentration and more energy.

  1. For sportspersons it is vital

If you are someone who has the normal routine of getting to the office mornings by bus or by car and settling down in front of your desk to work your missing breakfast is not so much a drama. However, when you are someone who’s training for a physically demanding event, such as boxing, weight lifting or training for long distance running, you need breakfast to keep you going. Breakfast for a sportspersons is vital.

  1. Overall it is good for your health

If you eat breakfast you are generally in better health overall, a fact that may be attributed to the types of food often associated with the morning meal; fiber in the form of cereals and whole wheat breads, vitamin D from eggs and calcium from milk or  yoghurt.

  1. You can replace it by a healthy other

If you wake up hungry, you should definitely eat a healthy breakfast, but if your appetite doesn’t kick in until later, don’t force it or beat yourself up. Breakfast is only the most important meal if it’s your only healthy meal of the day. This is because it is less about this one meal than it is about what you eat over the course of the day.


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