9 Things about Pompi You Probably Did Not Know

Zambian musician, artist and entrepreneur Pompi needs no introduction in the media world with his music that encourages, inspires and highlights the beauty of African culture.

The 9 things you probably do not know and he revealed are:

1. Mandarin is a language that I would like to learn because China has a lot of influence in world affairs.

2. Meeting Paul Kagame is on my “Some Day” list and would be a dream come true. After visiting Rwanda and seeing the way they are working to be one of the world “tech leaders”; I felt he is changing the narrative about Africa’s contribution to the world.

3. Music that I will never put on my play list is music that is not driven by love. An example being how a lot of hip-hop artists objectify women. I believe that all creativity should be driven by love.

4. Places in Zambia I would like to visit are in one word Samfya because I have been told about its beauty.

5. Places out of Zambia I would like to visit are Italy for the rich art history and Singapore to see the Marina Bay.

6. Something I would like to own one day? I would love to own and finally settle on a farm. I think it is a very secure and peaceful lifestyle.

7. The food that I cannot resist is Oxtail so much so that I have broken a couple of planned fasts because of it.

8. The food that I can resist is sea food and specifically oysters.

9. The app I use the most (currently) is definitely WhatsApp.

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