A Quick Fix is Possible

Have you looked at your website and thought that it could do with some attention but you have no idea where to begin? Maybe, this may help in the meantime:

Do a Check

What has changed? Are there some things in your business that have? Do you have the same product? Do you have the same customers? Do you still believe in your product? Is it is reflective of where you are right now as a business?

If there is something that has changed then this is the first thing you should tackle and incorporate into the website’s tweak.

Re-visit the Visuals

Your logo, tag-line and photos how do they look? As your logo is your identikit changing that now is not the answer but, consider changing the colors a little-without veering too far away from your prominent brand colors.

And the tag-line? Has it been in the same font since you designed the site? Maybe change it to bold or add some shadows. Maybe the wording is too long and can be shortened. If you can say the same thing in fewer words. Do it.

Do the same audit with the photos. Are they representing what you have in stock or they are of things you no longer have? If stock has changed take the photos down and upload new ones.

If possible, ask your customers to send in photos of how and where they use your product.

What about the Content

Check your content; the frequency and the variation. Also check if your messaging and tone of voice are consistent with your brand. And is the tone reflective of what you want your brand to be, and how your customers speak?

It is true that not everyone has the time or the know-how to do a website overhaul. In this case it is wise to hire someone else to do it.


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