Days Before Leaving For Your New Posting

Congratulations if you have gotten that job. One thing that will come to light immediately if you are moving to take up your post is how many things you gathered over the years. Things that you will need to sort out and pack.
Packing and moving to a new place will give you some extra work but, you really need to do this before you move to your new post.
Here is what you can start doing now

Make a list

List items you own, along with details such as purchase date and value. If you can.
The list is really very simple and is a list of your personal belongings, along with their monetary value. If you can remember or still have purchase documents. This list is always good to have if you need to replace them or sell them before your move.
While you don’t have to list every single item you own as part of your inventory, you should include all items of significant value. For example, text books, clothes, jewelry, bags, kitchenware, footwear, electronics, small appliances, musical instruments, furniture, décor and artwork.
List items, no matter how insignificant they may seem. The idea is to have a record of things that you own and will have to pack, give away or return.

Start Packing

If you have been living at home, with a guardian or friends, it is important to start packing as soon as possible. This is helpful even if the new posting is months away. As any borrowed, bought or must throw away things can be sorted out, returned or thrown out.
List the items, mark each box clearly so you know which items you were given on loan, bought or were gifted.

Store Your Stuff Ready for the Move

It is very important to store the items in a safe place. God forbid that there is damage or a break-in, as the last thing you’ll want to have to do after the fact is rack your brain trying to figure out where you will get the money to replace the items.
It’s also very important to keep an inventory of each box and put that inventory list someplace safe and easily accessible. A written inventory can be placed in an envelope or better still, scan it and keep it on your phone. Remember to email yourself a copy and store one digitally in the cloud as backup.

Do, remember to keep that hard copy in a place that only you or someone you trust can easily access.


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