Do this if you want to earn more money

It is often said that if you want more money at work, you should ask for it. However, not everyone has the courage or is able to do this. Sometimes, even if you know that you deserve more money you may be reluctant to ask for it.

If you would like to earn more money this is what you can do

Find another Job

Finding another job does not necessarily mean change employers. It also means changing departments or roles. Many work places have different departments, different locations, and different types of jobs. These different jobs have different salary scales. Find the one that has the kind of money you want to be paid and work towards getting it.

If you do not like any of the jobs on offer where you are, then actually moving to another company will make sense for you. And when you do decide to apply for a job in another company, and do get in; this is the best time to negotiate your salary.

Up-grade Those Skills

There is so much change going on in the work place these days such that keeping yours skills sharpened is a must. If your company has recently gone on-line, learn some computing skills. If your company has recently introduced a new product, learn as much as you can about that product so that you become the in-house expert. Most heads of departments or owners of a company will notice these skills and will willingly compensate you for them.

So, as much as possible work on upgrading your skills or add on new skills that can be valuable to your role.

Start a Side Hustle

Sometimes the company you are working for cannot afford to pay you more and you really like working there. Despair not, you can stay where you are and make money too. Remember those skills you have been working on. The coding, the customer service, the marketing and the event planning. Take these and start something on the side. Start weekends, holidays and maybe during your leave days.

The important thing here is to look critically at your business idea so you can determine if it is worth investing your time and money. Looking at particular aspects can help to reveal if your idea has a good chance of success. Some of the things you can look at are the market and commercial viability of the idea.

When looking at market feasibility all you need do is have a clear idea of the market in which you will be operating your business. Ask the questions, what is the demand for my product or service? Who will my customers be? Where are they located? How will I reach them? And last but not least, who are my competitors?

Do not let the thought of the competition put you off as your product or service may be able to fill a need not already met by the competition. Even if it is going to go in direct competition take a look at how your products or services rate in terms of price and quality compared to your competition. This may be your strength and their weaknesses.


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