Here is How to be a Good Visitor

When people welcome you as a guest and make you feel at home it does not mean that you must take over their home. You are a visitor and therefore must behave as such.

If you want to be invited back again here is how to be a good guest.

Communicate in Advance

You may be a very good friend or a family member but, just rocking up out of the blue is not the thing to do. Showing up out of the blue can be a pleasant surprise for your host but, it can also throw the dynamics of the home off.

Suddenly appearing and wanting to be accommodated is rather presuming a lot. So, before you arrive communicate to your host. Ask them if it is alright to spend a few days. Ask what time is convenient for you to arrive and do let them know how long you will be staying.

This way your host has ample time to make changes in the sleeping arrangements and also stock up enough food for your stay.

Bring Something

You may be welcome to stay but, this means that there are extra things your host will need to put out. There could be blankets, bed sheets and towels. Bring some of these things with you. Towels soaps and lotions especially.

Another thing you can do as a visitor to show gratitude is bring a gift. Things like fruits and maybe vegetables that are typically found in your area. Your host will be happy to have something they do not usually have but is abundant in your area. If you know they like plants or flowers, take them a house plant or flowers. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

If you are not sure what their preferences are, you could call and ask if there is something in particular they would like. Take that thing they ask for. If it is possible.

Be Mindful

When you are visiting be mindful that you are a guest. You cannot just walk in and out of rooms as though they are your own. Or remove items form one room to another without permission. Also, looking through drawers and cupboards is a no no. Ask first before you take something.

When you have finished using something take it back from where you got it. When you use a plate, glass or mug take it back to the kitchen. Remember when you do go into the kitchen to thank the staff. Leave and let them do their work. Also, do not start giving them little jobs to do for you. Like washing, ironing or going to the corner shop. Be mindful that they have regular daily duties and those come first.

The best you can do is help around the house if you can. Make your bed, pick up clothes and fold them neatly. Take towels out to dry and leave the bathroom clean after you have used it. If you damage something, let the host know as soon as possible. Do not hide the damage and hope they will not notice. Accidents happen but be honest about the situation.

Remember Your Manners

You may have already thanked the host upon your arrival for putting you up but, saying please, thank you and excuse me when you are a guest is very important. Continue being well mannered.

Being well mannered includes not being a snoop when the hosts are gone. Do not go through their personal things, take pictures without permission and interrogate the staff and children, if they have any. With children also try not to mete out disciplinary action no matter how much in the wrongyou think they are. They are not your children.

When leaving, do leave the room you were staying in neat. Check for personal items in the cupboards, in the bathroom and in the living room. Do not leave ‘important’ items behind and then call back and start asking your host to send them to you. If, you really need something back, make your own arrangements to retrieve the item.

Once back in your own home, call and inform your host and thank them once again for putting you up.


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