Do This Quick Work Life Audit. You Will Be Surprised How Helpful It Can Be.

We all want to have a good job or a successful business and make enough money to have a stress free and happy life. However, achieving this isn’t always easy but sometimes all it needs is a quick work life audit and you are some ways there.


Where Do You Stand Presently

What does your work day look like at present? Are you running a business? Are you employed by someone? Are you doing both? What do you have on your books and are doing presently? Are you being assigned projects or getting contracts steadily? Are you living up to the title or brand you hold?

Are You Being Honest

Evaluate your role and determine if you should put more effort into providing value for your employers or your customers. Do a reality check and ask yourself if you are living up to the title you have. And to get these answers you really need to be honest.

Once you’re honest about that, you can build a strategy around your personal circumstances. Basically, the strategy is that you are going to plan your work life. A work life with no plan means you will be wandering around blindfolded; bumping into obstacles and falling.

Are You Providing Value

Can you comfortably say that you provide value to your place of work or to the business you own. And if so, do you know the value you provide? By knowing the value you provide, you can better understand how you fit into your current role or sell yourself to a new employer.

By understanding the value you provide, you can also put together a plan to build out and expand. And you will better understand how you fit into your current organization or you will know how to sell yourself to a new employer or a new customer.

Have You Built a Net work

It is a well-known fact that even the most successful people need help from time to time. And another fact is that no one reaches the top of their careers without the help of a strong network. And to build your network you must first learn what matters to your career or business and must ignore what does not and interact with people that will enhance your career or your brand.

At the very least, your network should include people that can vouch for you and that can describe your skill sets and the value that you provide. Also, find people that will refer you to job opportunities.

Are You Proactive

Being proactive means constantly taking advantage of opportunities to advance your skills and paying attention to the things that will work for you. It also means learning what the customer likes, doesn’t like, what you can do to please them and what you should stop or what you do badly.

Whether you’re looking for your next opportunity or building on your current one, do not assume that things will magically come together for you. You have to properly use social media to stay in contact with your network, be constantly working on your personal brand and be putting in the work to get the results you want.

It all comes down to you always finding a way to take action to boost your career or business!


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