4 Quick Useful Things to Take-away From Social Media

The job market has shrunk so much that one is tempted to think that jobs no longer exist. Enter your social media space. Where things change a little or a lot depending on why and what your goals are.

When you join a social media platform, the move can be very useful and some useful things are

1. You can garner useful information
The chatter in your time line may say more than you think it is saying. Follow the exchanges and you will get an idea of what people like to eat, watch, read or wear. And if you are already trying your hand at selling something you can direct your attention to these groups. Try to join these groups or make contact as you may be the person they are looking for to run a small or large business.

Those rants and raves, status photos and questions people post can help you find new clients or even a job. Pay attention and follow the trends.

2. You can pass on useful information
People tend to think that social media is just a place for selfish people bent on bragging and showing off. However if you focus on relationship building rather than the petty goings on you will gain more. Try to form relationships even with people who seem to be so far away from your normal.

Grab that chance and be part of the conversations among as many people as you can especially the influential. Pass on information on their threads but do not overdo it. As you will be labeled a nuisance or worse BLOCKED.

3. You Learn to give-and-take
When you reach out to other like-minded people, they most likely will reach back. Give your time and take the time to interact with them. Take this chance to build relationships first and shelve the business or sales.

Interact and share things that you have in common be it on football, films, food, architecture, language or parenting. This way you will find it easy later on to make use of each other’s strengths and influential reach without coming off as a pest. Interacting with other people on social media is not a parasitic act but rather a give-and-take-one.

4. You are informed about events
Linking up with other people is essential to draw business and that is why attending events is essential. And current and upcoming events are a good indicator of what is happening in your area of interest. They are a good hint on what you should be turning your attention to in order to keep yourself current and relevant. Many social sites, you will find, will give alerts on upcoming events. Where possible attend the events that are useful to you.

Many events are good moments to connect with people on a personal level. To pick up resources and contact details of businesses and people that might be of help to you. However, be prepared for events and do not just turn up. Preparation is essential because the more prepared you are the better you will feel when you walk in the door.

Know your product or service and be well informed about the industry surrounding it. Also, research the event’s history. And when you attend an event make sure you look your best, arrive early, smile and be friendly!


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