Do This When You Take Your Leave

Taking your leave means it is time-out and it means you should be making time to enjoy yourself.

Here is how you can do it

1. Wake up but do not get out of your bed
Remind yourself that you do not need to rush off and lay back and close your eyes again. You will probably fall asleep again and get some more rest.
Even if you do not fall asleep remind yourself that there is no hurry and listen to the world around you as it begins to wake up.

2. Move through your days at a more leisurely pace
Let the day unfold and do not be mindful of anything; so that you do not feel rushed and thinking you should be doing something or the other. You are on a break so you really should not be doing anything.
Of course, you will you find yourself thinking about something you need to do, or something that’s already happened, or something that might happen …but remind yourself to slow down.

3. Enjoy your meal times
The most part of your work day you are rushing through meal times and cramming food down your throat as quickly as possible. And when you get home in the evening you are so hungry and end up overeating.
Enjoy your meal times; eat your breakfast slowly, choose a lunch or supper that you know you will enjoy and do not rush the cooking. Take time to cook and let the house with that distinct and particular aroma of a favourite food.

4. Do the tasks you have been meaning to do
On leave means the chance to take care of things you have been neglecting in and around your home. If you do choose to take care of these things appreciate every aspect of what you choose to do and do not rush through it.
If it is cleaning the carpet in your room, washing the windows, cleaning the kitchen cabinets, sorting the mess in the car etc. do not be in a hurry to be finished. Focus on one thing at a time.
Oh and do not expect praise or other people to notice-you will be disappointed so just get on with it and do the tasks you have been meaning to do.

5. Enjoy your own company
You may think that it is time to catch up with friends and family you meet irregularly but, it is really time to enjoy your own company. You have been surrounded by other people and shut in your work life most of the time, and rarely get the chance to be alone. So take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy the serenity of a quiet mind and pull yourself away from thinking you need to be doing things with other people.

6. Use the “Away” option
Do not let yourself be at the mercy of the demands of others. Broadcast your leave; to others and yourself and be away physically and mentally. If you can, try to not always be connected to your phone. Being connected all the time means you are inviting interruptions and maybe even calls to do with work. Put an “out of office” automatic reply on your emails and state when you will return. If possible give the contact details of one of your colleagues who they can contact for all urgent matters.

Take your break and go back refreshed when the time comes!



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