2 Must Watch For Social Media Idiosyncrasies

Let’s face it social media is a good place to keep your family and friends in the know but beware

  1. It Can create a warped View of what your life should look like

The extravagant furniture, expensive outfits and meals in an endless stream can start making you feel as though your life is missing something. That there is something you are not doing because your photos (if any) are never on a plane, in a restaurant or hob knobbing with the famous.

Sometimes the shots you see of people you follow or are your connections are carefully chosen, edited and do not have any real connection to the reality of their lives.

Do not let yourself be lured into thinking your life is inadequate. And do not let yourself start spending money on things that you know you cannot afford just so you can appear to be the kind of person you think people should see on your social media sight.

  1. It Can Make You buy Un-budgeted for Products

Take a look at the pictures of your favorite athlete, soccer player, musician or actor. They are usually of them and some product. If you do not already know this, it is called product placement. This means, they are getting paid a lot of money for wearing, drinking, using or eating whatever product you see them with in certain posts.

The plan here is that you will spend money on the same product.

Beware though as sometimes the products do not necessarily have to be touted by famous faces; sometimes you may feel obliged to buy tiles, tomatoes, T-shirts, tickets and so on from a friend or a relative.

Much as social media is the best thing since television it is an obsessive marketing and selling machine.  Watch out for its idiosyncrasies.

You are in control. You don’t have to watch something, buy something or comment on something.


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