Duties of a Social Media Manager

You are busy, have no idea or prefer to not deal with anything online for your business, a social media manager is the next best thing. If you are not sure what you should expect from a social media manager here are some of their duties

Making a Plan

It is all well and good that they have a large social media presence but, how do they plan on using that to your business’ advantage. What is the plan?

A social media manager as one of their services must create a social media plan. The plan means listing the things they will do for you in the allotted time. And the fee agreed. Creating a plan for how businesses can use social media to achieve their goals can involve tasks such as identifying the target audience, researching competitors, and developing content ideas.

Creating Content

Content is the backbone of social media existence and quality content is king. Therefore content creation is another service your social media manger should offer. Depending on what you agree on and the time, the content should include some or all of these; images, videos, quotes, GIFs and memes.

Original content is better than free media sourced for the internet therefore hiring a social media manager with some photography, graphic design or creative writing skills is an added advantage.


The reason you hire the manger is to get the word out there about your business, therefore they must include in their service advertising. This means they must know something about copy writing or be able to create ad copy, design visuals, and set up and run the ad campaigns, targeted to your ideal customer.

It should not stop there, monitoring and tracking the performance of your social media account will be on them. This can include things such as measuring engagement rates, analyzing followers’ growth, and tracking conversions. And later reporting the findings to you so you can make a decision on the next move.


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