Questions To Jackson Nyirenda, Technician.

How do you become a technician in Zambia?
Jackson Nyirenda

I am actually an Electrician but since 25th Feb 2014, I am categorized as a technician at work. The title Technician is what I/we are called at the office to make a differentiation from the plumbers. One gets this role by studying technical trades such as Electric & Electronics Engineering and Power Electrical and various other skills and eventually letting your work speak for itself.


It’s only YOU who can make it happen

Who can become a technician?

Anyone can, neither sex nor age should be a barrier. If you love it, do it, follow your gut and do what is right for you. Yes, there is a lot of competition out there but be unique as you work with your skill, also be open to sharing ideas because through the sharing of ideas, you might unlock that which was closed.

When did you decide your work would be in this field?

The interest in power electrical is from way back in 1995 when I used to accompany my dad when he had a private job. In 1999 I started wiring houses and electrical maintenance within my compound. In 2008, I took a step to study power electrical at Thornpark Construction Training Centre (TCTC) a subsidiary of Lusaka trades (LBTC) and since then, I have be practicing in the same field.

What do you do?

It varies from day to day and depends on what management wants. I may start the work day working on control panels for water pumps and end up working in the field solving an urgent matter or doing a quick job in the field. Or I may start in the field either doing assessments, some maintenance work or I may be installing a borehole pump. Then come back to base and work on control panels.

 Why do you do this work?

It is highly satisfying to meet and solve challenges that I had not encountered before. I love challenges and this work gives me those challenges. Working in the field I have the opportunity to encounter and face new and various challenges. No day is predictable and I learn, improve and make a living from it.

If you love it, do it, follow your gut and do what is right for you.


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