Questions to Robert Lamb, Volunteer.
Robert Lamb

How did you come to work as a volunteer?

In 2012 I came across an organisation called Mission Direct. It supports schools, street kids and other various projects relating to the vulnerable. One of the countries they visit every year is Zambia. I had not been back to Zambia since the time I left in 2006, so I thought it would be a great idea to join their team and help out the country I grew up in. So since then I’ve been coming back every year (either Zambia or Malawi) to take part in charity projects run by various organisations. I feel compelled to do what I can for those who are in difficult positions because I remember I was once in a vulnerable place.

What is your educational background?

I completed my O levels at Munali boys High School, Lusaka Zambia. Then we moved to the UK where I did A levels in Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Maths for two years at Lambeth College in London. I was then offered a place at London Metropolitan University to do a BA in Biochemistry for 3 years. I successfully completed last year with a 2:1

Why did you choose street children?

Street children are very often misunderstood. Most of them are just hurting or feeling guilty for their past mistakes and cant find forgiveness to start afresh. Even the tough and scary ones are really crying on the inside. If one would actually take the time and hear their individual stories you would come to realise that they are human as we are. They feel fear, crave love and yes they do need direction to change their lives. Change is easier said than done though but worth the fight. Each child on the street was created by God so they are absolutely precious.

When did you decide to take this path?

I don’t remember exactly when I chose to take this path. However, certain thoughts bother me….When my time is done, what legacy will I leave behind? How will I be remembered? Its these thoughts that have driven me to do what I do. I’ve read a few good books of individuals who have done amazing things and one common thing about them is they weren’t perfect. So with this in mind I do what I can. Ten years from now my biggest desire though is to have successful orphanages in various parts of Southern Africa; mainly in Zambia and Malawi. To see former  street kids changing the lives of those around them.

Is volunteering for everyone?

Yes I do think everyone can volunteer in some way. It doesn’t have to be on the streets like me. Some charities need people to do admin work for them or technical things like installing software. We are all different but we all have something to offer. Sometimes it may feel like your efforts aren’t getting anyway but trust me every little bit helps. From my experience I found that it was actually me getting help. You grow so much through volunteering (especially in foreign countries). You also go through some fun and exciting times…as well as tough ones.

We are all different but we all have something to offer.


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