Tips For A Selfie At Work what picture is presented before you. Has something changed?  Has there been some growth; in the business or in you?  Have your duties shifted over time and included other tasks due to this growth? Is your position nothing like what you were initially hired for?  Have your own plans taken on another dimension? Has your role changed and you now have a new role altogether these days? Do you like this new role? Are you happy?

Examine the picture, maybe certain things in the background have not changed or have been neglected. Take a simple thing like a client list. How does it look today? Are there new names or are some clients missing in action. This is the perfect time to follow up on them and make queries.

Link up and brainstorm with someone to come up with some ideas for your office your business and your progress. Find new customers or new ways to make more money, improve a service, quicken a process and save time.

Flush your desktop and all portable devices to get rid of the unnecessary clutter, photos, emails, icons and numerous files. Clean your work space including drawers and cupboards, bins and boxes.

Identify opportunities to work on your progress. If it means working with someone else more knowledgeable, do so to improve on your skills and knowledge.

Enquire about training and bursaries to courses in your field and make your needs known to the relevant persons. Or  sponsor yourself  if  you can.

See what picture is before you

Examine the situation

Link up with someone

Flush your work space

Identify opportunities to progress

Enquire about courses and skills training



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