Following and Maintaining Contacts

Connecting on-line can have benefits yet many people neglect to cultivate meaningful relationships with new found contacts. Most times people think of these interactions as just making quick comments, liking or sharing. Few, think of them as an opportunity or even a foot in the door.

So when you go online:

Have a purpose
Is it for your career or for recreation? Or both? Not to say that you must always go in with a clearly defined purpose but, having something at the back of your mind will help you filter through the many ‘connect with us’ requests. Also, even though your purpose may be a little sketchy, you should however go in with a clearly defined type.

With a clearly defined type of person in mind, you will have an easier time picking the right fit for you.

Learn things
Don’t be too impatient. Take a back seat and watch what other peopled do. What they have done, what they do daily or weekly, with whom they have interactions with. What they talk about, when they enter a conversation and when they leave it.

When these conversations are going on, learn as much as you can. Learn the tone, the etiquette and what the trending topics are.

Find someone
This is that person who represents your career path. Find that someone that has a career or business that you want for yourself and then follow them. Try to support them if they run a business or try to work for them. If you do find that person try to get that person to let you into their fold; this will be of so much benefit to you.

Many times than not; you will find someone whose life and career you want and who you can really count on, that you can believe in, that has balance, experience, awareness, and the same values as you. They will help you have a more focused and long-term perspective!

You need to be aware
The internet is a somewhat shady place and you need to be aware all the time that people can lie. And they will not only lie but also try to steal from you. So trust your instincts. If you have a bad feeling about a situation, trust it. And make your exit.
Do not let yourself be the victim of scammers, maliciousness and thievery.

Also, don’t let anyone get you down. Take everybody’s thoughts and listen to their considerations but take it with a grain of salt because you know yourself better than anyone else does.


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