We grow Up and Then…

The moment comes soon for some and a little later for others. That moment of feeling all grown up and realizing that the carefree lifestyle you were living before is not at all what life is really all about. It is so many different things.

Here are a few

It is a physical change

You may notice that you are changing not only in clothing size but that your thought process is also changing. The young mind that was revolving around a few things and used to think that these were the only things that were important in life-is undergoing a change. This is because as you grow, the mind grows too.

There are things that you begin to think of and care about that you never thought possible. And there are others that mattered before that will not anymore. The physical changes that happen outwardly and inwardly give you the chance to expand as a person and explore new things and have new beliefs, opinions and values. And you will realize change is a good thing, especially when you think back to where you were several years back.

It is revealing

Rather, growing up helps you to see few things about you and your friendships. Some friends, are ones you have a laugh with, some are those you share personal things with and others that are just acquaintances and you rarely spend time with. Among these friendships, things will be revealed.

It will be revealed to you the immature and the ones that refuse to grow up. The ones that are content with just hanging about doing the same-old-same-old. And you will also see the driven and ambitious ones. The ones that want more from life. The ones, like you, that want to live a purpose filled life and are happy to put in the effort to get there.

It is liberating
Suddenly some of the things that were daunting are not anymore. And you find yourself in a place in your life where you are actually comfortable with certain things. You are comfortable living alone and away from your parents or guardians. You begin to care for other things other than how you look, who to hang about with and what to wear.

It is liberating to become much more open minded and give yourself permission to try other things. And to grow into you. Getting to know you and knowing you can rely on you and can look after yourself. And not be afraid to spend time alone and be your own company.

It is liberating when you better understand yourself and your needs and what truly makes you happy. And are grateful for what you already have while you work for the things you want. And you will find it makes your life so much easier if you are no longer focusing on what you don’t have and being happy with what you do have.

It is a struggle
Struggling and making the right or wrong decisions is part of life-you will see. And yes, at times, it can be a struggle to be an adult but, you will soon discover that what appears to be a struggle is just another lesson on the adult path. And you will have many a lesson as you move through adult life. Lessons that will guide you through the rest of your life so you keep doing stuff that makes you happy instead of unhappy.
You will see that it is a part of grown-up life to encounter challenges in your path; financial, physical, mental and emotional. Some challenges you will handle on your own and others you will need help with.

Remember being grown-up does not always mean doing things on your own. Being grown up is also knowing when to admit you are struggling and seeking help. Seek help when you are floundering. And know that after the struggle, and there is always an after; will come a better understanding of yourself and your needs.


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