On Being a Good Receiver

When receiving from other people no matter how small the gift or service, it is really important to show gratitude. If not, you will be showing disrespect to the giver. So, some things that are well worth remembering are

Acknowledge the Giver
Start with, “Thank you.” It is a simple, but powerful phrase. And when you say thank you, address the person with their name or title. Simply, say thank you…Bwalya, Olipa, uncle, aunty, Mr. or Mrs. Etc. This acknowledgement is very important and is being gracious.
Also, the thank you means you acknowledge the giver and are returning the blessing to the giver.

Acknowledge the Gift
For some people, pride sometimes gets in the way of receiving. Or there is some level of embarrassment especially if the giver is clearly struggling- but the gift is not about the giver. It is a gift, simple. So, receive it.
Whether it is a small or large gift. It is a gift. See it as such. If not you will hurt the other person because, when you receive a gift, in essence, you receive the giver. And you show respect for the gift.

Recognize the gift
Sometimes we actually think it is our right and do not see something as a gift. Other times we get so caught up in what we are doing or we are in such a hurry to be somewhere that when we are offered something; we fail to recognize the gift.
It may be as simple as an offer to cut a long queue or opening the door for us. And we bypass showing gratitude simply by being so inward looking and feeling ‘entitled’. This entitlement makes us fail to recognize that we are actually receiving a gift. And we neglect to thank the giver.

Truly accept a gift
Truly accepting is not that you take the gift and shove it out of sight somewhere. When people offer you a gift, you’re not just receiving a product, a service, or a favor — you’re receiving the giver, and they in turn are receiving you. So truly accepting means that you work with what you have been given. Whether it is something you have already or do not really need. Accept it.
Accepting a gift is one of the best ways you can show your appreciation to the giver and also re-gift them.


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