Here are 4 things you can do right with your small business

You already have done one right thing and that is you have started a business. Small as it may be it is yours and so here are 4 things you can do right

Have a strategic plan

What exactly is the goal of your business? Are you trying to grow your client list, let more people know about what you do? Sell more of one product than another? Introduce a new product? If your answer is “all of the above,” your plan isn’t strategic enough.
Pick one thing and hone in on it. It is important to choose one and stick with it. For instance, if you want more people to hear about your product go for that and put the rest in the pending box.
Get the word out there about what you have to sell or what services you have to offer.

Target your ideal customer

You have told people about what you have to offer but most likely it was everyone and anybody who will listen. This is too broad; as you know your products or services aren’t going to work for every single person, but there’s one group that they’re perfect for.
Go after that group, and by getting your messaging on point, you’ll attract similar people as well. The narrower your niche, the better people will respond to your call to action.

Use Social Media

You most likely did start by putting the word out on your preferred platform and spread to as many as you could from there. Joining every platform that is out there is not necessarily a good use of social media because each platform has its own nuances.
Since people use platforms for different things like to connect with friends and family, to look for a job, to follow popular people, rant and rave, or to share pictures of daily life content shared by your business should more or less follow the style of each platform. Or better still pick one or two that you feel comfortable in and highlight different aspects of your business.
Think about it— If you want to highlight your business on Facebook you should make everything feel personal and welcoming—as if you know the people you’re sharing it with. If you choose Instagram make sure you use real photos and not some random photo that you found on-line. If you are comfortable with you-tube and can make videos that people can interact with, then go for it!

Keep Checking

After you’ve have posted about your business do not forget to go back and see how the post is doing. Is it working? Have you gotten a response or two? What did you do the first time that solicited a response? Should you do more of it or should you change tactic?
When you post something do not let it fall by the wayside. Go back and look through the activity surrounding it. This will help you make business decisions moving forward.


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