Here is How to Get Attention for Your Charity Work or Donation Drives

With money getting tight it is more and more difficult to get people to give. So we are pretty sure your charity, cause or once in a while fundraiser is feeling the effects.

Here is how you can get the purses to open and the checks to be signed.

Share More

Sharing is an everyday thing now especially online. So your charity or campaign people should do the same. Share the reasons for starting what you are doing. The purpose and what your dreams and future plans are. Talking and sharing your passion about the project whether it is a monthly thing, quarterly or an annual thing helps people to see the purpose. Through your eyes and your voice.

Share more about small and big things that surround the work you do. Things like the offices you operate from, the number of kilometers you drove to give or what you ate when you go there can make people understand the internal culture, daily operations, and the journey you take before publicly engaging and asking for money. This back story will influence the way people see you when you come with the “asks”.

When you have been engaging with society about your expectations, organizational practices and the lives you change; your campaigns will gain attention and people will notice. And they will give because they have been on the journey with you.

Which means do not be afraid to use emotions and by emotions this means do not be afraid to tell the highs and lows. Tell the story, happy, sad, frustrating and failing. When people hear your stories, see how you are authentic and open about how you operate; you will not need to use gimmicks to accomplish your goals.  You have been seen, heard and followed.

Your payoff will come from the in-depth sharing and authenticity of your stories.

Brand Yourself

Just talking about your project is not enough. Give it a name and an identity that people can form an attachment to. Basically brand yourself. This will make it easier to remember you and will help to broaden your reach. There are many sponsored walks, runs or raffles. Separate from the pack with a name.

If you are helping children to read, stay in that lane. Do not do books one day and then toys another. Unless the toys help a child to read. Create brand recognition among givers and make them invested and proud to be associated with your brand of giving.

Your brand if it speaks a consistent language or gives a consistent message will have a better chance of reaching people. And eventually with your authentic purpose and consistent voice at the center of your brand, you will create deeper connections with your sponsors.

The social drives that get more attention and more money have a brand that identifies what they do and it differentiates their efforts from the crowd.


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