3 Things You Need To Become an Influencer

There is a new type of career every young and older person wants these days. It is that of influencer in virtual and real life.

This career has been made possible by the rise of the social media market place via the many platforms. So what things or traits does one need that will best suit this career?

These 3 maybe a good place to start

Be Social

Be social means liking, following and interacting with people. The demography you identify yourself as belonging to is a simple instep. As you will have something in common such as age, likes and dislikes.

There is no point opening an account on social media and then restricting who can view it, right from the start. Maybe a little later when you have a sure following and are an expert in your niche. Also, No point in inserting yourself in a milieu that is older, wealthier and is composed of wine collectors. When you are young, starting out in life and football lights your fire. This is not a savvy move.

Cultivate the relationships you have in your contact list, on Facebook, WhatsApp, place of worship and work place. Be socially available and be seen and heard here. These are the real people that will spread the word about you and will have strangers wanting to follow you too.

Tell Stories

Story telling does not mean repeating, doing the “did you hear” or resending some other person’s story that grew viral months ago. While it is interesting, it is not your story. What is your story? Otherwise known as your point of view.

Most times what you think is an embarrassing quirk and is uninteresting can be the thing that sets you apart. Everyone has one. Tap into that quirkiness and tell stories from that point of view.

So even if you are jumping on what’s trending band wagon, because you have a different point of view things will present themselves as interesting and captivating coming from your unique story point.

Be fearless

This does not mean do something stupid or try out a dare devil stunt that has been done by an expert dare devil. It does however mean as contradictory as it reads that you must be a fire starter, rule breaker and risk taker.

Brands like the fearless and will use them to promote their products or services (while at the same time insulate them from the fallout and the reputation damage).

Remember, breaking some rules and starting a fire means you are ready for the bad that this will bring with it besides the good of the large follower numbers. And the eventual influence you may wield over the same.

Being fearless also means being ready to stand in your truth and standing up for what you believe in. Even if people will, and they will, not like it or you.


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