Spending Based on Irregular Income, Tips

So much happens so quickly and so unexpectedly. And when you are up against it financially life can become difficult.

Spending money with little work coming your way always will make you to look at the reality of your situation. A situation you can manage if you do these things with that irregular income


The money you get, is the only money you will have most likely to spend. So think before you spend it. Impulse buying, is something that you should be avoiding. Every time you enter the shopping mall, think.

Why am I here, what do I need and how much money can I spend.

Do not buy something thinking the money will come. It may not come when you need it. So if you do not have the money for something that is not a need and is not why you walked into the shop to buy. Do not buy it. Buy only the thing you need.

Many people normalize the broke stage and the pressures that come with it, accepting it as just being the way that life goes. Do not be that person. Just think before you spend and try not to get to the desperately broke phase where you stop thinking.


Your work is irregular and so is your income. Some things you need to pay for are however regular. Save for these with the money that comes in. Especially, the large amounts. Train yourself to put a good chunk away for when there is a dry spell.

When you get money, irregular as it may be, also be realistic. That is save for your regular needs first. It may be tempting to deviate, especially after you get a really large amount of money but pay the important bills first.

Also, avoid changing the way you spend money to match the income you have in hand. You shouldn’t change your spending behaviour because of this one large payment. Remember it is an irregular amount. Do not go overboard.

Cut Down

The best thing you can do when your money is irregular is to try and cut down on expenses. You can lower your expenses in areas like shoes and clothing (you do not have to buy every latest fashion) and in food and going out.

Also, at home you can look for alternative ways to keep costs within your budget. Check the renewable bundle for TV and mobile services. Check the insurance premiums you are on and also electricity and water. If you can, ask your service provider to propose a scheme that is easier on your budget and financial situation. Negotiate how much is affordable for you and come to an agreement with them. And keep your end of the deal.

Also, switch some appliances to solar or gas. And always review monthly transport bills and look for ways to save, such as searching for new ways to get from point A to B. Be it using the bus, a mall shuttle or a taxi service that has good rates. Or simply asking a friend for a lift and offering to pitch in for the fuel costs.



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