Your Mental Health Matters

Making a living whether employed by another or employed by self is no easy walk. Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health disorders among bread winners and manifest in many ways.

Anxiety will bring out fear, restlessness and difficulty concentrating. Depression will make you feel sadness, hopelessness and fatigue.Both can cause physical health problems but you can do this to make life easier for you:

Identify the Problem

What is going on at work or at your business to make you anxious or depressed? Are you tired of doing your job specifically or you have no more energy to do your job?

A job that you are tired of doing will result in you not giving it your best. And since you are not interested anymore and you have had enough of the same old same old. You will disengage. When you do, this means you will not produce your best work and this will affect the way your employers or customers view you.

If the job or business requires you to put in more energy than you actually have to give. It will not go well for you. Putting in more hours than you can manage will affect your mental and general physical health. Which means your product or service will suffer too.

Do Something About It

When you identify what is happening. Do something about it. It might be as drastic as closing shop and taking a break from work. If you cannot close, ask someone to step up and take your place for a bit. If this is not possible you can take small breaks.

Small breaks can be going away for lunch. Sitting and eating that lunch uninterrupted by calls, customers, bosses or colleagues. It can be going for a walk outside and stopping to chat to people around you. Friends or strangers, it doesn’t matter. Share some stories and listen to the other person. You will be surprised at how relaxed and less tense you will become. The idea is to get away and take a break because it is essential to have time to relax and rejuvenate.

It is very healthy to take time away from working and remember and understand that your mental health as a bread winner is important. Be good to yourself and if you are really struggling contact someone for support. That someone can be a close friend, relative or institution that offers mental health support.


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