How to Keep Going When Disappointed

As you deal with the possibility of a disappointing year, just remember that sometimes things happen that are beyond your control but also know that the anti-dote for disappointment is-hope.
So to find that hope for yourself,

Start positively
It is a new day and that is already one thing positive. Be grateful for it and let it be a reason to give thanks. And when you are thankful you are immediately surrounding yourself with positive vibes. Make a conscious effort to start your morning in a positive way as this will dictate the way the rest of the day goes.
Remember to wake up in good time to enable you to incorporate something that will be affirming like praying, meditating or exercising. Make this affirmation a regular morning thing.

Accept it
If something bad happened it has happened. Good thing is that it is in the past and so don’t let this one thing rule the way you go about the future and mainly the present.
It is a new day and as the day is new so the experiences will be. Just because the past was a disappointment this does not mean that the present will be. If things did not work out the way you wanted them to-accept it.

Catch up
When there is a disappointment the normal routine of life is somewhat disturbed but take it as an opportunity to sit down and figure things out.
Also, catch up on little things you put in the “someday” box. Those little things that you have been putting off. Just remember that there is a difference between being busy and being fruitful.
Do not be jumping in to this and that project or driving from point A to D and then to Y all day. Running around in circles all day but not accomplishing anything is really the same as wasting your time!

Build or renew relationships
Set aside some time to keep in touch with other people. Have conversations with people in not only the same line of work, business and status but also with people who are different from you. Build relationships.
Relationships, whether in the real or virtual do play an important part of your wellbeing. And having relationships with people does give your ego the much needed boost.
Keep in touch with the happy and positive people in your circle and watch your own happiness increase and your feeling of disappointment recede.


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