How to own and maintain a Great Wardrobe

You have been told countless times that the way you look is critical to your moving up or down in the world but dressing fine costs money. Here are tips to keep a great wardrobe

  1. Buy the Right Fit

If the clothes do not fit in the shop’s fitting room they will not fit at home so do not buy them. Do not waste your money by convincing yourself that the outfit will fit if you just lost a little weight (you are on a diet after all) or if you just let the material out at the seams. That letting out does a little damage and usually leaves some distortion to the outfit so leave it to someone who will fit into it and look for something that fits you well.

  1. Mix and Match

When you pick an item that you really like and want to buy (a shirt, skirt, tie, trouser or a jacket) always ask yourself, what is already in my collection that can go with this? Do I have a shirt to go with this new buy, is there a pair of shoes that would look wonderful with these trousers or can I wear this jacket with more than one shirt, trouser or tie? Many clothes especially bottoms can be worn with 4 or 5 different tops. Try to buy clothes that mix and match well with your wardrobe.

  1. Have a Select Few

Not every occasion is the same so do not appear in the same clothes everywhere. Have a selection of clothes for work, for special family and business occasions and for your place of worship. As they are occasional clothes they can be few in number but high on quality. And when you want a change they will be easy to pass on to someone else or sell as they see the light of day occasionally. 

  1. Buy Good Second Hand

The pop up boutiques in our communities have been a source of annoyance and frustration to many but they are also a treasure trove. The real Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel, Hugo Boss and Esprit are there for the picking for anyone who likes clothing with a designer’s label and for everyone looking to find some good quality clothing. In general if you are patient and have a keen eye for clothing you can supplement your wardrobe at a really good price. The second hand-ness should not put you off especially with the number of over-priced new stuff on the market coming with false gongs. 

  1. Care for Your Clothes

Do not leave your clothes on the line longer than necessary for the harsh sun to eat them. Take clothes off the line as soon as they are dry; iron if it instructs so and put them away. Do not use bleach or abrasive soaps on your clothes and do follow the washing instructions. If it says dry clean, dry clean. If it says hand wash only, then hand wash only. If it says no wringing, do not wring. If it says drip dry, then drip dry.

Inspect your clothes on a regular basis and replace missing buttons and broken zippers. Also, give your domestic staff the correct cleaning instructions and do not get upset when clothes are discolored, pulled out of shape or burned when you do not.


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