Making It Happen in Business

How many times do we hear people say, I have this really nice idea for a business but no money to make it happen?

How can you make it happen? Here is how

Don’t Focus on Money

Go back to the drawing board, identify exactly where you’re standing, and start thinking about how your idea can come to be with little or no money. This might mean that you change the first version of the idea so that it does not need as much money.

Also, know you strengths and weaknesses. It’s all well and good to say you want to start a business but are a poor communicator and are bad at keeping records. The money may come in but with your weakness, it may mean the business fails.

Prepare yourself before you start looking for money. Work on your strengths and weaknesses as you wait for the money. This might mean shadowing someone who is in business already or start taking lessons on line.

Learn as much as you can from the diversity of perspectives so that you can pick what uniquely suits you and your abilities.

Do Your Research

Just because you get the money to implement the idea does not mean the idea will translate into something viable. Some ideas are good in your head and sound fantastic when you repeat them to your mom or a friend but do your research.

Is this something that will be liked by more people than just you and your besty or mom? The thing about ideas is that if they cannot translate into something that many people will like; they are likely to flop as a business.

Also, research how similar ideas have been received and have evolved over time. Research is asking around, watching what is happening around you and maybe sending out a questionnaire to as many people in your target as possible.

Finding out some key things is one of the best ways to prepare you for success or failure.

Choose Your Own Path

There is not only one single path or one way of doing things. You can do things your own way. This might mean you have to do what works best for you. Listen to the voices in your head, learn to train and trust them. More often than not, they’ll let you know if you’re on the right path.

Don’t try to do what someone you admire or follow did. Be yourself. The one thing you’ve got that no one else has is your own voice, so come up with your own style and your own approach.

Sometimes a business idea that is not that special is often successful because the person running the business added their own twists to the usual stuff out there and did it consistently; to the point where it becomes their brand.




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