Don’t Feel Bad You Are Doing Fine

Stop, take a deep breath. Take a moment to appreciate you. The things you have done so far are worth celebrating.

The things you have done are not as many as the next person or the most popular influencer but they are achievements.

Don’t feel bad because you are doing fine. So stop comparing.

Here is why:

The Big Picture

Most times when you compare and usually with what you see on social media you are not getting the full picture. Most times what you see is people, mostly influencers often showcasing idealized versions of their experiences.

They highlight and promote snippets of their life that are close to perfect. When in actual fact there is a lot that has gone on before that snapshot. However due to the speed at which social media operates an influencer will often showcase idealized versions of their work experiences, giving an impression of flexible schedules, a good grasp of entrepreneurship and very high personal fulfilment.

This curated content at the end of it is meant to influence you into doing something. Usually to buy a product, attend an event or watch something and comment. Do not feel bad about not being influenced into doing what they want you to do at this point in time.

The Real is Hard

There is a tendency for people to highlight the idealized versions of their experiences, be it at work or socially. However, rarely is the situation ideal at work as an entrepreneur or in personal life.

The normal day can involve a lot of physical and mental exertion and is never that simple. It is crucial that you recognize that every day has its challenges and the parts you are shown leave out a lot. That work-life balance and job satisfaction has been curated and the reality is life out there has its pressures. Note that many experiences in a job or business require a lot of effort and are usually not easy to accomplish.

You should never feel inadequate and never force things to align to those curated experiences.

The you is good

The world has always tried to force stereo types and this stereotyping undermines the diverse skills and contributions required across various experiences and professions. You have a role to play and that role is not a straight line or marked on a calendar and it is not what someone else did to the letter.

Do not let others shape your perceptions of life, professional or personal. Align your expectations with your talent and initiatives. These will determine the experiences you will have in life in the company you join and the career path you will take.


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