2 Bad Sides Of Trends

The common advice is finding a trend and following it. Once you do you’ll find an easier path to success. Well, following trends may not always be the best way to go about achieving success and here is why

You Are Not the Only One Doing It

The thing about following trends is that everyone is doing it. Doing the same thing everyone else is doing can mean that you’re going to be competing against a lot of other people; some of these people have an entire team dedicated to following every new trend that comes up. And, they may have the capital to produce and offer it cheaper.

Another thing about trends is that they are temporary and may bring in sales to start with but in just a few weeks or months you’ll start to see your sales dropping as the trend goes away. So rather than focusing your business on chasing the most recent trends, you should be developing a business that is built around always in demand products.

All weather products may not sell in the quantities you want but at least they will sell for a longer period. And keep you in business for longer.

Does Not Build Brand Loyalty

Trends tend to bring everyone into the game as said but this also means that people will be looking for the cheapest price. Meaning they will buy form you as long as your product is cheaper and go somewhere else if it is cheaper there. There is no loyalty when it comes to getting it cheaper.

If you want to build a sustainable and long-term business, you need to be looking for the type of customers that will have long-term brand loyalty and not just the people looking for the cheapest price. This means that you have to work in a niche. If you have a niche-based business, you can find a way to apply a trend to your specific niche.

Rather than chasing a trend focus your business on a specific group of people while taking advantage of a trend. People that will be happy to return to you because they know what to expect when they come to you no matter what is trending build brands.

So, in conclusion, if you want to build a sustainable and long-term business look for the type of customers that will have long-term loyalty and not just the people keen on following trends at the cheapest price.


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