Being Unique Helps in Business

If you have a side hustle or full time business being unique can make doing business a little easier. So wherever you sell find a way to be unique by

Picking a niche

A niche is as something someone can say that they like or something that someone identifies as.

Rather than being everything to everybody, what you should be focused on is a single niche. Instead of trying to be everything to everybody, your business should focus on one specific group of people

For example, you may hear someone say “I like football” or” I am a footballer “. In both of those examples, if you had a store designed to sell products to that person, you would be serving the football niche.

Using this niche-based approach, allows you not only to worry about who your customer is or where to find them but it allows you overcome the issues of fulfilling the wishes of everybody

Building an Identity

With the niche-based approach you will very quickly build an identity because people know what to expect when they come to your handle or shop. And you will most likely have repeat customers as people interested in a niche will often purchase more than one product you have for sale. This will in turn increase your orders.

If your stock is many different shirts, unless someone is buying two of the exact same shirt, there’s very little chance they will leave having picked two unique designs. Stock stuff that is unique and varied around the same theme. Also, make your presence on social media stay on the same track by making sure your posts are around the same theme.

Be current and be ready to fulfill orders also, rather than wait for people to contact you, find people that that fit your niche and follow them. This way if they are seeking product like yours, you can respond quickly.

If a customer that is into football comes to you and finds a other items that showcase the love of football there’s a very high chance you’d purchase a few of those things before leaving the store. The more you can sell stuff around a theme the more chances you will get known for it and have people coming to you.

Keeping Track Of Things

When your business is gaining traction you’ll be more likely forget to follow-up on orders from two months ago or overlook one you already fulfilled so keep track of things. Having a good system will keep you on top of things.

The system must enable you to keep track of orders, to follow-up with payments and appointments. You could do it on a phone calendar or in a notebook just have a system. Know the orders going out and orders coming in with deadlines clearly noted for each.

Keep track of trips made for picking up stock, delivering orders or going to meet a client for an order. Keep receipts for those meals you share with clients and people in the business. Also have a system to manage your invoices, receipts, and expenses but, never rely upon memory. And, have a separate bank account for the business.


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