Things to Do While Waiting for Employment

The dream job or any job at all seems to be slipping away but before you move your CVs to the trash bin, here is what at you can do

Speak Differently

You may not be earning a regular salary but you are doing something (hopefully) so tell people what you are doing. Start on social media, your bio should not have the phrases “looking” or “can do anything”. Same goes for when you introduce yourself to people and they ask where you work or what you do; do not say that you’re currently unemployed.

Instead, talk about your current projects and side hustles. Share the number of followers you have and the interactions and outcomes you have. Of course, you can say you are looking for new opportunities, but it is important to share what you offer as a professional.

Your skills, abilities and worth don’t diminish just because you’re not yet employed.

Do Differently

Spend your time doing different things that can take your mind away from the waiting game. Learn something that can earn you a certificate, do some tutoring at your place of worship, a school near you or a non-profit that you follow on social media.

Also do not neglect your side hustle or start a hustle. This is not only good as a money earner it can also be beneficial to your job search, marketability and mental health. And let us not forget that it will be a very important way of providing you with some structure and will keep you in touch with others. Others that may help you grow your connections.

People that look for someone to fill a position like to see that you’ve spent an employment gap being intentional. When you are doing something albeit part-time or voluntary people take a second look. This is because you give off a different vibe when your time is spent in a manner that has purpose and focus.

Be Social

If you are invited to an occasion, go. Yes, half the people there will be in full employment or own full time businesses but so what, go. It is time we stopped this stigma associated with unemployment. Looking for work is something that many people go through and unemployment is part of life. This stigma around unemployment tends to cause many job seekers to retreat from their networks, especially as time goes on. Resist this urge.  

Attend social occasions and use them as an opportunity to find and speak to people that can help with connections or opportunities.

Be selective

Not every occasion or person is good for your job search. Be focused and targeted in your social life so that you are in the company of those that can make it easy for others to help you.

And, don’t underestimate those relationships at home (your parents and siblings) those on line and at your place of worship. They are your biggest supporters and need to be told your goals so that they share them clearly.


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