To Give or Not To Give

We are constantly being asked to donate on the streets, at work, school, social media, radio, television and places of worship. Sometimes, we get scammed. Most times not but, before you give

Why are you giving

Are you giving because people expect you to? Sometimes, you just do not have the money and just because you gave in the past does not mean you should now. Or, are you giving because you do not want to be the only one who has not given and are feeling guilty?

Do not feel guilty or be made to feel guilty for not giving. Give because you are inspired by something or someone and be convinced that you are helping to make a positive change for someone or something in the world around you. Do not feel pressurized to give. It is up to you to decide on whether to give or not.

Who are you giving

Do you know who are you are giving? Find out who the person or the charity you are giving is. Sometimes you may have heard about the cause already but are not sure how they actually work. Find this out. Finding things out will help you decide about whom you want to give to or who you don’t want to give to.

Also, you may know whom but do you know what is it for? Find this out too. And if you can, follow the person or charity on social media (if they are on your platform) or visit the location, ask friends and colleagues or simply look them up online and try to get updates. This way at the end of the day you will be confident that the money ends up where it is supposed to end up.

How often are you giving

Some charities ask you to sign up for monthly or annual contributions and make it easy to plan your giving. Others are a one-time donation drive for a specific cause and then close as soon as the target is reached. And then there are those that wait for special occasions like Christmas to ask for money. It is up to you to decide when you will give and to know what you are getting yourself into.

Finally, these days not a day goes by without being asked to give, whether by a street collector, by our contacts or a celebrity on social media or by our friends and family groups. It can get overwhelming but know that you do not always have to give. You can say no.


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